Low Vision Readers

What Are Low Vision Readers?

Low Vision Readers improve near vision for those with vision impairment. This new, patented technology overcomes the main factors which prevent individuals with low vision from reading - poor contrast and lighting, magnification, and prism correction. The combination of these elements provides the ideal conditions for near work such as viewing pictures, sewing, identifying labels, writing checks and reading text. See If You Are A Candidate

Concept & Technology

Low Vision Readers integrate magnification, illumination and a prism into a single pair of rechargeable readers that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Features & Benefits

The prism and illumination are standard in every pair of Low Vision Readers and those features combined with magnification give you the best chance of being able to read.

Interested Yet?

If you're interested in getting your own pair of Low Vision Readers take a quick survey to help us determine if you are a candidate.

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Mom loves them!

Dr. Sonsino,  My mom just called.  She said the glasses came in the mail this afternoon and she is so very HAPPY,….  she wanted me to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH…..

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Enjoy Reading Again

For those who are appropriate candidates for this technology, Low Vision Readers work for 80% of patients right out of the box. For the remaining 20%, the lenses can be customized to account for spectacle prescriptions and higher levels of magnification.