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Dr. Sonsino,


As you know I am thrilled with my Low Vision Readers.  Before , I just couldn’t read a word in print.  I had to ask someone to read for me.  Now, with my Low Vision Readers, it’s a whole new world.  The words, letters just stand out as clear as can be. I used to dread reading, but not anymore.    


Tony V





Mom loves them!

Dr. Sonsino, 

My mom just called.  She said the glasses came in the mail this afternoon and she is so very HAPPY,….  she wanted me to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH…..

A great deal…a great product!


Hi Dr. Sonsino, 

A note to let you know I picked up my lenses today, and am amazed at the great results! What an investment! (I sort of wish the company were publicly traded… I would surely invest!). Thank you again for you efforts!


Dad Love’s His Glasses

Hi Dr. Sonsino and Drew,

I wanted you to know that Dad is over the moon with his new readers, they give him a ton more detail than he was used to with his regular glasses. The lights are also a big help.  He says they feel very nice and comfortable, not too heavy, so that’s also good.

Thanks again for your help, and all the best!